Results from WWD on annual "Black Friday" Share of Wallet Study

Starting on Black Friday and running throughout the Holiday season, ABX will be interviewing consumers about their holiday spending plans and actualities. As featured in Arthur ' WWD piece on November 30, 2016, here are details from our November 23rd survey on 2,395 consumers. Each GenPop (18+) participant was asked how much they plan to spend on Holiday gifts, and at which store. Then, at the end of December, we’ll ask what they actually did and contrast the two surveys. So stay tuned!

  • The average household plans on spending $695 on Holiday Gifts compared to $592 last year (+17%).
  • Amazon (22%) leads Share of Wallet with Walmart (20%) close behind.  Last year was similar Amazon 21% / Walmart 19%.

New Share of Wallet-2.png

  • Brick and Mortar stores should account for 56% of sales with an additional 7% from online ordering and in-store pickup. Walmart leads in-store pickup. 37% of total purchases will be made Online, unchanged from last year.

Brick and Morter-1.png

If you've got a question about the survey, please contact or call 214-926-9794. Or, fill out the form to the right!



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