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Each month, WWD will feature the Top Ads from major retailers, as measured by ABX

ABX runs the largest syndicated advertising effectiveness study in the world with 100,000+ measured ads for clients and their competitive sets in all industries.

Each ad is rated by large consumer panels across all media types including TV, Radio, Digital, Print, Outdoor and Free-Standing Inserts, with results delivered in 24 hours.

Each ad is also rated on 14 KPIs grouped in the following six buckets, along with the ABX Gender Equality Index™ (if desired):

  • Awareness: How certain are you that you know the brand being advertised?
  • Message: The ad clearly communicates the product's benefit and the ad was easy to understand.
  • Reputation: As a result of this ad, your opinion of the company is better / worse / no different.
  • Relevance: Is the ad relevant to you?
  • Likability: Did you like the ad? Would you like to see the ad again?
  • Call to Action: Which actions would you be likely to take as a result of this ad? 

How Each Ad is Rated

The ABX Index is the metric that matters 

The ABX Index is the most important overall advertising effectiveness metric, and is comprised of the analytics that relate directly to business outcomes like sales. This is the score quoted by WWD each month per featured Retailer advertisement. 

A typical Ad Report is pictured below. If you'd like to see a full report for any of the Top Ads as featured in WWD,  fill out the form and we'll get it to you.

Sample ABX Ad Report for Amazon Black Friday















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