Creative Testing for ROAS, ROI and   Predictive Analytics        

Learn How to Improve Correlations Between Media Spend and Sales Revenues with Creative Weighting.  

This new page is part of a virtually non-commercial series of five to help our readers better understand the various elements of competitive ad effectiveness.   Each page is full of internal and external insights, studies, articles and more.  For the PDF version, just sign-up here. 

For the full set of Resources Pages, go to each link below where you'll also find download options.Pillar Page 4 10x-1-013821-edited

  1.  Advertising Effectiveness Measurement 
  2. Integrated Marketing Across All Media Types 
  3. Competitive Intelligence in Advertising 
  4. Creative Testing for ROAS, ROI and Predictive Analytics (This page)
  5. Gender Equality in Advertising


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