Research shows that Radio can be the Most Effective Advertising Medium -- but ONLY with Great Creative!

In 2016, the Radio Advertising Bureau published ABX research that compared "average-scoring" ads across all mediums, and then tested only "high-scoring ads" across those same mediums.  The first group of ads showed that radio was a weaker medium than TV and some of the other media.  However, the high-scoring ads showed radio was equal, if not better, than the other mediums.  Why was that?  Because radio creative tends to be so poor, that it suppressed the power of the medium itself.

For more on this study, see our blog post, "Four Tips for Great Radio with the Best/Worst of 2018."  The exciting conclusion is this: radio is a very inexpensive medium; if you can create strong creative, you can easily rise to the top of the playing field in a cost-effective way!

ABX has tested more radio creative than anyone: 15,000 ads

This means Category and Media norms are golden.  Moreover, the pricing and turn-around time (24-hours) makes it possible to test every radio creative in-market via syndication, or in custom pretests.  Since radio is easy to edit, you can quickly make changes if needed and deliver your spot with full confidence.  

ABX Tests All Media Types

ABX is unique in evaluating all media types…Print, Online Video, Online Display, Television, Radio, OOH…with active syndicated programs available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom and  custom capabilities in more than 30 countries.  To date, ABX has evaluated more than 200,000 ads worldwide.

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