How much of your marketing budget could be reclaimed if you had ad effectiveness measurements on every ad?

If approximately 50% of all advertising is "underwater," and if it were possible to test every ad to make sure most were above the water line, how much money are we talking about? 

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  • First, we access your company's or brand's media spend for last year through Kantar.  
  • Second, we see how many of your ads have already been measured by our syndicated program.  
  • Third, we analyze those scores and how much might have been reclaimed if low-scoring ads were at least "average."  
  • Putting it all together, we can tell how many budget dollars could be reclaimed through the ABX process.
  • This process if fast, so you'll have your estimate in a day or two of form receipt.
  • Caveat: if your company or brand media spend is not available in Kantar, we may need to ask you to supply it.  If no ads of yours have already been measured, we will decide whether or not some new tests can be done.  We'll let you know either way.

 More can be found on ROAS, ROI and Correlations on our Resources Page.

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