With ABX, underperforming ads are immediately identified enabling you to avoid wasting precious ad dollars. 

Leading advertisers are using this information to dramatically improve their ad effectiveness.  How much are the old ways costing you?

Here's How ABX Monetizes Potential:

  • New ABX Home Page iStock-181856166First, we identify how your ads are performing, across all media types, from data in our syndicated creative effectiveness program. We analyze those scores and determine how much benefit can be generated if low-scoring ads are replaced with your "average" ad.  
  • Second, we apply that learning to your company or brand media spend for last year using published spend data.  
  • Third, the result is the equivalent amount of additional ad dollars you could unlock. By plugging this amount into your market mix model or other analytics, an equivalent level of incremental sales and profits can be determined.
  • Fourth, for most major brands, this process is fast, so you'll have your estimate in a day or two of from receipt of your information.

 More can be found on ROAS, ROI and Correlations on our Resources Page.

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