Thanks for your interest in learning more about unconscious gender bias in advertising from ABX

As you may know,  ABX researched and created first-ever metrics to measure unconscious gender bias in advertising.  This work has been adopted by the ANA/AFE for the #SeeHer initiative, and is referred to as the Gender Equality Measure™ (GEM).  Knowing the gender bias scores for your ads can greatly improve creative effectiveness and sales success. Here are a few facts about these new metrics that may be helpful to you.

  • ABX has now tested the GEM score on 60,000 ads to date across all industries and media types.
  • The gender scores are comprised of four key KPIs: how the actor/actress/child is presented in general, in terms of respect, as role models or inappropriately.
  • A high gender score for female actors can boost Reputation by +10% and Calls-to-Action by 26%.
  • Gender bias scores are only meaningful when compared to norms for Categories, Mediums and across Competition.  ABX has compiled the best norms in existence.
  • Finally, ABX has recently launched gender measurement in 14 countries comprising almost 90% of the media spend.  Clients can receive data on all countries, or just those of interest.

For more information on the research surrounding the importance of measuring unconscious gender bias in advertising, click below to see our Resources Page on the topic.

Graphic of a male and female racing, looking at gender equality in advertising.

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