"The Data Is Depressing: Very Few Super Bowl Spots Were Likable And Effective"

Will Burns' Forbes Article Features ABX Ad Effectiveness Data for Super Bowl 2016 

Forbes' Will Burns calls on the advertising world to never again deliver Super Bowl advertising with "21 unlikeable and ineffective ads," as it did this year. Bottom line: just measuring likeability isn't enough; you've got to measure for a full slate of Key Performance Indicators to establish true creative effectiveness. Today, it's easy enough (and affordable enough) to measure ALL your ads, and those of your competitors, through smart new technologies such as those offered by ABX. ABX is a syndicated creative effectiveness service that measures every ad in all media types for clients and competitors on 14 KPIs and delivers results in 24-48 hours.

More details on these KPIs are available here.  Note: Click on the graph for a large PDF version.

Super Bowl 2016 USA Ad Meter Likeability Vs. Effectiveness Scores 


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