Each ABX ad is evaluated for 14 distinct KPIs grouped into six categories:

  • Clear Brand: How certain are you that you know the brand being advertised?
  • Message: The ad clearly communicates the product's benefit and the ad was easy to understand.
  • Reputation: As a result of this ad, your opinion of the company is better / worse / no different.
  • Relevance: Is the ad relevant to you?
  • Likability: Did you like the ad? Would you like to see the ad again?
  • Call to Action: Which of the following actions would you be likely to take as a result of this ad?

The ABX Index is the most important overall advertising effectiveness metric across all media. It is comprised of some of the KPIs above in a proprietary score that has been successfully correlated with sales and improve market mix models by double digits.  The ABX Gender Equality Index™ is included as desired.  All norms for the ABX Index against media types and across industries are updated monthly. Customization is provided as needed.

Methodology Summary & Sample Report

Every ad for clients and their competitors is rated by hundreds of respondents (depending on specific target audiences needed) from national consumer panels. Results are provided on live dashboard within 24 hours. 

All media types are tested with the exact same methodology globally across all categories, media, demographics, ethnicities, gender equality and more, with variables for each ad being almost limitless.  Only syndicated In-Market ad norms are used for the 300,000 ads ABX has tested to date, with pre-tests and trackers measured against those same norms.  See sample syndicated Ad Report below, and click image to see the spot.

ABX Ad Report for Methodology Page



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