ABX Partners with the ANA and AFE to Develop New Gender Equality Measure for Advertising Industry 

New #SeeHer Campaign Launched at the White House June 15

AFE_Logo_Grey.pngCommemorating the 100th Anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote, the ANA and AFE called the advertising industry to accurately portray all girls and women in the media by 2020. See the full press release here.

White_House.pngABX worked closely with ANA, AFE and other partners to develop the first-ever advertising effectiveness measure to assess Gender Equality. ABX's research found that ads with high GEM scores have higher purchase intent and reputation scores, while those with low GEM scores can see their reputations and purchase intent scores dive. 

ABX will be adding the Gender Equality score to its full suite of KPIs for all clients, and will publish top-scoring ads on a weekly basis. 

For questions or to learn more: info@adbenchmark.com.


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